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Poppy Covered California Hills

Adult Day Centers & Senior Centers

Senior Concerns

(805) 497-0189

For the past four decades, Senior Concerns has provided high-quality, affordable support services to seniors and their families through innovative and effective programs aimed at fostering independence, well-being and self-esteem.

Offers: Adult Day Center - Meals on Wheels - In-Home Geriatric Assessment - Family Caregiver Resources

Camarillo Health Care District

(805) 388-1952

Camarillo Health Care District provides a broad range of interactive, evidence-based health and wellness programs composed to enhance long-term support and services that educate people about chronic health conditions, and guide people toward healthy life choices.

Offers: Adult Day Center - Transportation Services - Educational Courses - Senior Support Line - Family Caregiver Resources

Ventura County Adult Day Health Center

(805) 278-4321

The Ventura County Adult Day Health Center is a community-based program offering stimulating and enjoyable group experiences while assisting participants to maintain independence and providing respite for family members and caregivers.

Offers: Adult Day Center - Therapy - Special Events - Mental Health Services

Oxnard Family Circle

(805) 385-4180

For the past two decades, Oxnard Family Circle has fostered a caring and secure environment that welcomes adults of all backgrounds, ages and cognitive abilities.

Offers: Adult Day Care - Special Events & Activities - Therapy - Counseling

Pleasant Valley Senior Center

(805) 482-4881

The Pleasant Valley Senior Center is dedicated to enriching Camarillo and its surrounding senior residents with an array of recreation and leisure programs, special events, and social services.

Offers: Travel Excursions - Exercise Groups - Art Activities - Games

The Goebel Adult Community Center

(805) 381-2744

The Goebel Adult Community Center is a non-profit organization that is designed to provide seniors with enjoyable daily activities, education programs and assistance with social services.

Offers: Games - Travel Excursions - Seminars & Workshops - Nutrition Program
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