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A Day in the Life of a Memory Care Resident

If you have a loved one that has been recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or any other form of dementia, you may naturally be wondering what a typical day in a Memory Care facility may look like. Within this article we’ll take a little glimpse into the life of a senior resident living in one of these specialized facilities.

What is a memory care facility?

Memory care facilities are designed for individuals who are facing symptoms of memory loss due to Alzheimer’s or any other form of dementia. These facilities are most commonly located within an assisted living community and provide a safe and secure environment for seniors who require special attention and care. For seniors diagnosed with dementia, routine is extremely important. That is why every memory care facility develops a well thought out schedule that promotes engagement, physical activity, socialization, proper nutrition and much more in order to cultivate purpose and overall positive well-being in the seniors life.

Disclaimer: The schedule below is merely an example of what a typical day may look like in the life of a memory care resident. The structure, options, activities and so on vary by facility and by residents depending on their ability and needs.


The senior residents wake up on their own accord. If necessary, the staff can assist in keeping the senior on a healthy wake-sleep cycle by waking the resident in the morning at a reasonable time. The staff assist each resident with their morning routine which may include helping them get dressed, brush their teeth and/or administer any prescribed medication. The resident then will be directed to the dining room for a nutritious breakfast which they can choose for themselves from a menu. Of course, there are staff available to assist any resident who may be having a difficult time choosing or are on a particular diet. In some memory care facilities, depending on their cognitive ability, seniors will be given the option to choose between two options.

Shortly after breakfast is finished, the resident’s are invited to join in daily activities. Often, every resident is given the opportunity to learn about current worldly events as well as discuss important events that occurred on that day in the past. Afterwards, the seniors can partake in engaging activities such as arts and crafts, exercise, dance or gardening.


Once the clock ticks closer to noon, the staff assist seniors in getting ready for lunch. Lunch is served in the dining room, prepared by the chefs and can be chosen from a menu or, depending on ability, they have the option to choose between two options. The resident’s then enjoy their meal and once finished, they can resume engaging in scheduled activities. Every resident has the option to join the group for planned activities but they are never forced to participate. If your loved one prefers to rest in their room, they are more than welcome to relax and have time for themselves.


Just like breakfast and lunch, dinner is served in the dining room, prepared by professional chefs and can be chosen from a menu. The residents take their time eating and have staff available for the seniors who need a little extra assistance in the task.


To wind down, memory care facilities can turn on a movie which the seniors can all join in watching. If your loved one opts out, they can do so. Before bedtime, the residents in need of extra assistance are helped to get ready for bed. This could include undressing, brushing teeth and so on. The resident’s are then led to bed and are able to rest after the busy day they just had!

A day in the life of a memory care resident is far from boring. Their days are filled with nutritious meals, engaging activities with some down time to relax should they desire. If you are interested in learning more about what memory care facilities offer in your neighborhood, contact one of your helpful advisors to get more information and be more confident in choosing the right place for your loved one.


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