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Reimagining Senior Living: It's more than just a place to live

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

A senior man and senior woman hugging and laughing on a couch.

Senior living is an umbrella term used to define a range of living options available to adults over the age of 55. From quiet and quaint independent or assisted living communities to accommodating and friendly board and care homes and skilled nursing facilities, senior living has evolved over the years into an amazing option for older adults looking to live their retirement years stress-free, surrounded by friends and partaking in activities that can promote a longer life. This article will be highlighting the most common options on the market today: independent living, assisted living and board and care homes.

The Breakdown…

Independent and assisted living communities are very similar but are on a slightly different spectrum of services and amenities. While independent living caters to older adults looking for a more social lifestyle, assisted living caters to older adults who are looking for that PLUS a little extra help with activities of daily living (abbreviated to ADL’s), such as medication management, bathing and dressing. Both independent and assisted living offer a range of enjoyable amenities within the communities which are accessible to the residents and their guests while assisted living offers services such as linen services, housekeeping and nutritious meals. Although independent living can be a specially designed neighborhood or apartment complex, some independent living communities can be seamlessly integrated with assisted living communities, which means they may share the same services and amenities that are already being offered to residents in assisted living.

Another popular option is a board and care home which caters to older adults who need assistance with activities of daily living and are looking to reside in a residential environment. Board and care homes are typically for seniors who have dementia or require specialized attention but that is not always the case. These homes have 24-hour care and assistance, homemade meals and offer engaging activities designed for the resident’s level of ability.

The Pros of Senior Living...

Think of senior living as a post-retirement oasis filled with people looking to live a similar lifestyle as you! Depending on the community you choose, you won’t have to worry about yard work, your most important amenities are right outside your front door and you have the ability to make lasting friendships with people that have similar interests as you. Each month you will pay rent that will cover almost everything, yet there may be some additional costs depending on your needs and health requirements.

The Cons of Senior Living...

Well, there are nearly none. One of the most complained about topics that deals with senior living is the price but that doesn’t always have to be the issue. Senior living communities range in price, services, amenities and assistance. Finding the right community that matches your most important preferences doesn’t have to be conquered alone and that is why there are companies out there like Senior Choice to help you find the best accommodation for you or your loved one in a senior living community or home… and the support we offer is free to seniors and their families!

Key Takeaways

Senior living has changed greatly in the past few decades and has become more popular amongst the older adult community for good reasons: enjoyable amenities, helpful services, varying assistance, important socialization and much more!

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