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Home Health Care

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A medical assistance service performed by medical professionals within a senior's home. The nurses visit the senior’s home on a scheduled time slot arranged by the resident of the home or a family member. Home health offers seniors a range of services and therapies, similar to those offered in skilled nursing facilities, including wound care, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and much more.

Discover The Perks of:
Home Health Care

There are countless benefits when you choose the route of home health care. This service has a plethora of options that will support your independence, just take a glance at the slides below to explore what home health has to offer!*  

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Comfort of Your Own Home

Experience the convenience of having health care services performed in the comfort of your home while you navigate the road of recovery and rehabilitation.

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Disclaimer: The information available on this page is solely to inform families about what the varying possibilities are throughout Ventura County and the greater area for home health care services.
* Medicare often covers home health services.
** Services may differ depending on the company.
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