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Top 10 Senior Blogs: A Treasure Trove of Wisdom and Inspiration

Updated: Jan 3

An older woman smiling at her iPad and sitting at a dining table.

It is truly a blessing to be able to reach your golden years and experience its unique gifts, experiences and learn its valuable insights. For older adults seeking inspiration, guidance, and a sense of connection, the digital world offers a treasure trove of wisdom through various blogs which are tailored just for those who are 50 or older. We have specially curated a list of the top ten blogs for seniors where you’ll find a diverse range of voices covering topics like health, hobbies, travel and lifestyle. These blogs not only share practical advice but also serve as vibrant communities where older adults can share their stories and learn from each other’s rich experiences. 

Whether you’re looking for tips on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, planning the perfect retirement adventure, or simply seeking a dose of positivity, these senior blogs are sure to enrich your golden years and inspire you to embrace this chapter of life with a broader range of understanding and ambition. 

In no particular order, the blogs we offer below are just a drop in the ocean of amazing blogs available for seniors to explore and learn more within. 

A logo for senior blog "The Roaming Boomers" with catch phrase: "Life's a trip. Let's go have fun."

David and Carol decided to re-invent their retirement years and embrace their passion for worldly travel after the stock market crash of 2008 had wiped away nearly 50% of their life savings. This power couple offers countless resources and information on traveling, whether it be in the US or abroad, as well as, providing a reliable travel agency to boomers who are interested in expanding their horizons.

A logo for senior blog "The Upside to Aging" with catch phrase: "Caregiving with dignity."

In this caregiving-centered blog, Molly shares her expertise and caring experiences to those who may find themselves in the same boat as she once was when taking care of loved ones living with dementia. Her blog offers caregiver insight, information and helpful tips on this cognitive disease that is affecting over 6 million Americans, not to mention their families and loved ones too. 

A logo for senior blog "Feisty Side of 50" with catch phrase: "Revolutionizing the Spirit and Style of Aging."

Reaching 50 years of age for some women can be a little unsettling for various reasons but Feisty Side of 50 offers a different outlook on the golden years which will help older women feel fabulous and flaunt their famously bodacious spirit and style. Their blog offers insight on health & wellness, travel, career, retirement, and so much more!  

A logo for senior blog "LifePart2 And Beyond".

If you are interested in getting amped up on where to travel next, LifePart2andBeyond is a fantastic travel blog to help you gather inspiration on places you may want to explore. The blog was created by power couple Jon and Sarah who sold everything to travel and experience the world and the various cultures that not many Americans have the courage to do. Their blog offers older adults the opportunity to explore and learn about various destinations and modes of transport such as a luxury river cruise. 

A logo for senior blog "The Senior Nomads" with catch phrase: "Living life and loving each other, one airbnb at a time."

In this day and age, the nomadic lifestyle has become increasingly popular amongst the younger generations, especially after Covid-19 hit. But guess what? Nomadic lifestyle is accessible for people of all ages! That’s why Debbie and Michael created their “Senior Nomads” blog in order to share their worldly experiences of visiting 90+ countries since 2015. 

A logo for senior blog "Sixty+Me".

Here's another one for us ladies! Sixty+Me is a blog created by older women for older women to help become empowered, inspired and excited about turning 60. From beauty and dating to health and travel, this blog has it all! 

A logo for senior blog "Senior Planet from AARP".

Created by AARP, Senior Planet is rich with information, education, insight, and more. They offer older adults a range of topics from healthy aging and inspiring stories to advocacy and news. There is an endless archive of blogs to explore!

A logo for senior blog "MenAlive"

This ones for you boys! Dr. Jed Diamond has created a great resource for men looking for insight on navigating the golden years and how to age healthily. Unfortunately, there aren’t very many blog options for older men to indulge in but Dr. Diamond wanted to change that with his blog rich in information and educational materials.

A logo for senior blog "Justice in Aging" with catch phrase: "Fighting senior poverty through law."

Everyone needs to know that someone will always have their back when their parents are no longer around, that’s what the Justice in Aging blog is for. This blog helps older adults struggling in poverty understand their options and have access to resources that can help support them through health care decisions, economic security, and litigation services.  

A logo for senior consulting website "Senior Choice Care Connections" with catch phrase: "We help you save both time and money."

Have you heard of this one? I heard they are extremely knowledgeable and provide insight on everything senior living from retirement options and home care services to informational blogs, healthy recipes, and even an online shop with various gadgets, books and devices that can help promote healthy aging. 

The top ten blogs for seniors mentioned here not only offer practical insights but also foster a sense of community and companionship. Through these digital platforms, seniors can find inspiration, gain valuable advice, and connect with like-minded individuals who understand the unique joys and challenges of this stage of life. So, whether you're looking for new hobbies, travel ideas, or simply seeking a virtual space to share and reflect, these blogs are your gateway to a world of inspiration and wisdom. Embrace the opportunities that the online community provides, and let these blogs be your companions on the journey to a fulfilling and vibrant senior life.


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