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Skilled Nursing Facilities

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A skilled nursing facility (SNF), commonly called a nursing or a convalescent home, provides 24/7 care and is a temporary inpatient rehabilitation and medical treatment center. They're often utilized for care after a hospital stay following an accident, severe illness, or surgery to help a patient regain their ability to do activities of daily living. A skilled nursing facility usually has a few beds reserved for individuals with long-term care needs.

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Skilled Nursing Homes

Within these facilities, patients will receive the care necessary for their continued rehabilitation under the care of medical doctors, registered nurses and rehab specialists. Check out the many features that will be offered in the slides below.*

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Specialized Care

Licensed and skilled doctors and nurses assist all patients on the road to rehabilitation with varying levels of care and treatment on a daily basis, including occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech therapy.

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Disclaimer: The information available on this page is solely to inform families about what the varying possibilities are throughout Ventura County and the greater area for skilled nursing facilities.
* Medicare often covers the costs of skilled nursing/rehab.
** Services and amenities differ depending on the facility.
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