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Beetroot & Feta Pasta

A bright pink bowl of pasta with a beetroot and feta sauce topped with walnuts and basil.

The Benefits

Beetroot: This bright red root filled with various vitamins and minerals may help support stamina, lower blood pressure and promote digestive health.

Vitamin C & B9 – Fiber – Manganese – Potassium – Iron

Feta: This tangy cheese, which originates in Greece, may help boost bone health, gut health and is a great source of protein.

Calcium – Vitamin B12 – Riboflavin – Zinc – Selenium – Phosphorus

Walnuts: This hearty nut is filled with good polyunsaturated fats that may help lower cholesterol levels and aid in promoting brain health.

Vitamin B6 – Fiber – Copper – Manganese – Omega-3

Basil: This famously known sweet peppery herb may help fight inflammation, promote digestion and support the detoxification of the body.

Vitamin A & K – Copper – Iron – Manganese

Garlic: This delicious addition to any dish has antibiotic properties which may boost immunity, and prevent the onset of dementia.

Vitamins B6 & C – Manganese – Selenium

The Recipe


16 oz. pasta

the sauce:

2-3 beets, cooked & peeled

1/2 block feta

1 lemon, juiced & zested

4 garlic garlic

salt & pepper

toppings: crushed walnuts, basil and crumbled feta


1) Prepare pasta per package instructions.

2) Create the vibrant sauce: Meanwhile, in a blender, blend cooked beets, feta, lemon juice, garlic cloves, salt and pepper.

3) Combine pasta and the sauce: Once the pasta is al dente, reserve 1/4 cup pasta water, drain noodles and place back into pot. Slowly pour over premade beetroot and feta sauce, stir to combine and add extra pasta water, if necessary for creaminess.

Tip: You may not need all the pasta water!

4) Serve and enjoy! Plate up the pasta, top with crushed walnuts, basil and a little extra crumbled feta.

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