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The Benefits of Working as a Senior

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Senior woman standing with her arms crossed and smiling.

Everyone talks about retirement being all sunshine and rainbows, filled with endless vacation and time spent with family and friends. Although this may be true, there is a side that isn’t spoken about enough. Once retired, seniors that once worked outside the home may battle bouts of loneliness or feelings of having no sense of purpose. There are several benefits that accompany aging adults who decide to rejoin the workforce even if it’s just for a few hours a week.

The possibility to live a longer life…

Working a job can help older adults live a more active and engaged lifestyle which would be beneficial to their health, ultimately aiding in a longer life expectancy. One study, in the Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health, shares that seniors who delay their retirement by just one year can lower the risk of death by 11 percent.

Strengthen your cognitive abilities…

It is known that frequent socialization in your retirement years is extremely important to prevent the decline of cognitive abilities. Working a job that involves communication, socialization and problem-solving can help strengthen and form new neural pathways in the brain. With this knowledge, it is believed that being often engaged could help delay the onset of dementia.

An opportunity to try new things…

Once an older adult has retired from the job they have been at for years, they are finally offered the chance to explore the unexplored career paths and hobbies that have been calling their name for years. According to a Merril Lynch study, 60 percent of seniors who are working do so just to experience something new.

Have a more social and fulfilling lifestyle…

One of the most popular reasons retirees may rejoin the workforce is for the co-worker camaraderie. Being employed offers built-in opportunities to have social contact and community engagement which are two very important activities for older adults. Studies show that 1-in-4 adults over the age of 65 are socially isolated and 1-in-3 are dealing with loneliness. Loneliness can eventually cause anxiety, depression and other health-related issues.

Receive medical benefits…

Once an adult reaches 65 years old, they are eligible for Medicare. Unfortunately, there are various age-related ailments that are not covered by Medicare. Seniors choose to work in order to benefit from their healthcare programs that could cover their current conditions.

And you get paid doing it!

Everyone loves to see a paycheck with their name on it. For some seniors, working can provide a little extra cash in the wallet to help reach their retirement dreams but for others, working can also help older adults reach their basic needs like rent, groceries or phone bills.

Working can help promote a healthy lifestyle for older adults, especially those interested in socialization, engagement, a sense of community and a way to boost their morale. And for those who aren’t really interested in a paycheck but would like to contribute their skills and abilities for the common good of others and themselves, there are always opportunities to volunteer at senior centers, non-profit organizations and hospitals. Check out our senior center page: here!


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